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Real-Time Ultrasound Imaging and Stimulation System

Quantason's dynamic ultrasound spectrography (IDUS™) technology is compatible with all standard ultrasound imaging platforms. It functions as an adjunct to traditional pulse-echo scanning systems, adding key additional information crucial to the task of breast screening and the early detection of anomalies. A schematic comparison of traditional ultrasound and IDUS™ excitations (see below) shows the underlying physical principle used in the developed technology - while in traditional ultrasound imaging, an echo is returned by the target's interface (see the first image below), in IDUS™ sound is emitted by the microcalcifications in response to a proprietary ultrasonic excitation (see the middle and lower images). The result is a platform for the complete automated detection, location and classification of breast microcalcifications, a strong physical marker of certain type of breast cancers. A screening procedure using the IDUS™ technology in conjunction with conventional ultrasound can be completed in less than 10 minutes. The IDUS™ data is integrated and interleaved with the traditional B-mode images that clinicians depend upon, providing important clinical information in a manner which is safe, comfortable, radiation-free and cost-effective.

IDUS™ is particularly well-suited to use with the next generation of 3D whole breast ultrasound scanning systems. In this implementation, with the patient in a supine position, a hands-free automated ultrasound scanner is placed above the breast and gently pressed downward. A sequence of IDUS™ and B-mode images is then automatically acquired, processed and displayed. The result is a complete 3D volumetric image of the whole breast supplemented by color coded IDUS™ 3D indicators.

IDUS™ is also compatible with installed-base ultrasound systems using hand-held probes, providing superior detection sensitivity and precision guided-needle biopsy.

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