Management Team

Edward Ray — Chairman Emeritus

Edmond Rambod, PhD, EMBA — President & CEO

Edmond Rambod is a serial entrepreneur, an executive, a Doctor of Medicine, an accomplished scientist and an inventor. Edmond has executive background and proven management experience. After years of successful academic career at Caltech and productive work with major medical device companies, Edmond founded BioQuantetics, a California Corporation that developed the fundamentals of the bi-modal functional ultrasound platform, conceptually transforming the utilization of ultrasound for image-based medicine, screening and diagnosis. Edmond is the founder and current CEO of Quantason, a Delaware Corporation. Under his management, Quantason has grown rapidly to become the pioneer in the field of functional ultrasound and real- time spectroscopy. Under his leadership, Quantason has perfected the implementation of the principals of bi- modal functional ultrasound for screening and diagnosis; a revolutionary technology with medical and non- medical applications. Edmond has valuable industrial experience and previously served as the Chief Scientific Officer of a US-based medical device public company where he invented the core technology. Edmond is an expert on cardiac implantable devices and is the inventor of several medical technologies and devices including image-based dynamic ultrasound spectrography, wearable artificial kidney and wearable ultrafiltration device. He has successfully raised millions of dollars in grants and private placements for his companies. He is one of the awardees of the American Physical Society and author of many US awarded and pending patents. Edmond has multidisciplinary scientific knowledge, has published his work in leading scientific, engineering and medical Journals and has lectured in more than 100 national and International scientific, medical and business events. He obtained his engineering and medical degrees from the Technion-IIT in Haifa, Israel and his executive MBA from University of California Anderson School of Management at Los Angeles.
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Robert Martin Snukal — Director

Carolyn F. Bivens — Director

Carolyn Bivens was the commissioner of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) between 2005 and 2009. She was the 7th person and the 1st woman to hold this position since the LPGA was founded in 1950. Under her leadership, the LPGA grew to record performance levels by revising the business model resulting in doubling the household television audience, strengthening the bottom line, increasing revenue shared with partners and benefits for members. As a member of the World Golf Foundation Board, Carolyn participated in the successful bid for golf to be included as an Olympic sport which begins in 2016. Previously, Carolyn was president and chief operating officer of Initiative Media North America, which was at the time, the largest media services agency in North America and part of the Interpublic Group of Companies. Carolyn had the P&L responsibility for all operations which included radio, television, print and digital media planning and buying for accounts including Home Depot, Disney, Merck Pharmaceuticals, J&J, Novartis and AOL. Earlier, Carolyn was a founding member of USA TODAY where she began in circulation sales by leading the team which established amenity sales to the hospitality and airline industries at a level which created a category later adopted by other national newspapers. She went on to lead the advertising and advertising operations for USA TODAY worldwide including the domestic and international editions and brand extensions. In 1994, Carolyn was named Manager of the Year for the Gannett Company and in 2002, Electronic Media magazine named Carolyn one of the most powerful women in television. She served on the Board of the Ad Council for 12 years and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals for 17 years, including past chairman. Carolyn attended Radford College in Virginia
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Ari Shamiss, MD, MPA — Special Advisor

Myles Gothelf, CPA — Chief Financial Officer