Intellectual Property

Quantason’s technology is protected by fourteen issued and pending patents. The issued patents are:

  • JP5685179 (01/23/2015): Image-based dynamic Ultrasound Spectrography to locate breast microcalcification.
  • US8,622,909 (01/07/2014): Method of locating the position of a microcalcification in a human breast.
  • US8,376,947 (02/19/2013): Application of Image-Based Dynamic Ultrasound Spectrography (IDUS) in detection and localization of breast microcalcification.
  • US8,372,006 (02/12/2013): Method for detecting and locating a target using phase information.
  • US8,200,313 (06/12/2012): Application of image-based dynamic ultrasound spectrography in assisting three dimensional intra-body navigation of diagnostic and therapeutic devices.
  • US8,109,878 (02/07/2012): Use of coded excitation schemes in the detection and localization of breast calcifications.
  • US8,109,876 (02/07/2012): Noninvasive technique for identification of structural integrity of Bjork-Shiley Convexo-Concave (BSCC) mechanical heart valves.
  • US8,043,217 (10/25/2011): Method and apparatus to quantify specific material properties of objects using real-time ultrasound burst spectrography technique.

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